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Norway Spruce

(Picea Abies)

6' - 7'

7' - 8'

8' - 9'

9' - 10'

10' - 12'





$350 & $400

$450 & $600

Kentucky Coffee Tree (Expressso)

(Gymnocladus Dioicus)

3" to 4"

Canada Choke Cherry (Triple Trunk)

(Prunus Virginiana Schubert)

15' to 16' tall, 2"+ trunk





6' - 7'        7' - 8'           9'           10'+     

$150         $200          $250        $300





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Hello I'm Dean Goering and I started Dreamscapes Nurseries in 1984. I planted some trees while in college and after graduating I saw how well the trees had grown. At that time I decided that, no matter what, I would plant a bunch of trees every year. In the beginning I planted balled and burlapped three foot Colorado Blue Spruce trees. As the years went by, I decided to diversify into other spruce varieties as well as deciduous trees. Now I grow four spruce varieties: Colorado Blue, Serbian, Norway, and Black Hills Spruce. I also grow Maples, Pears, Three Trunk Cherries, and Kentucky Coffee Trees. Currently I plant approximately two thousand trees each year.

I have found that there are ten important jobs in growing of nursery stock.
1. Planting - I plant in the spring and fall. I purchase locally grown bare root and B&B plants. We lay out fields with trees spaced about six feet apart and rows spaced about twenty feet wide. We use polymer for water retention, fertilizer tablets and microriza for root development.

2. Fabric - I use a landscape filter fabric to avoid using herbicides around the trees. After planting rows of trees I lay a four foot wide piece of filter fabric down each row. This also reduces the need for regular grass cutting.

3. Watering - After planting we water all fresh plants at least twice.

4. Cutting Grass - I cut the grass between the rows of trees four times a year.

5. Fertilizing - I use a two year fertilizer tablet when the trees are planted, and then follow up with nitrogen only in February of each year.

6. Spraying - I spray for fungus and mites during the hot months. June through August.

7. Pruning - I hand prune every tree in my nursery during the winter months. This job is very time consuming but gives the trees a nice full look rather than a tight sheared body to the tree.

8. Tying - Before digging trees they must be tied up in order to see the trunks. I have built a tying ring that fits onto my hydrolic forks to mechanize this task. I tie about thirty trees per hour.

9. Digging - I try to dig one hundred trees per day when they are tied up and watered properly. I have a large tree spade that digs a fifty-four inch root ball, and a smaller spade that digs a thirty-six inch root ball.

10. Transporting - Once the trees are dug they need to be transported, untied, and watered within days. I bring them to my retail location at 4036 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd. By I-275 and Beechmont Ave.








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Phone:  513-310-1526



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